Shiga Kogen

A beautiful highland resort which coexists harmoniously with nature

With an elevation ranging from 1,300 to 2,300 meters, Shiga Kogen is a spectacular vantage point from which to feel the breath the radiant mountain range and experience the grandeur of its natural landscapes stretching out below. The locals here live hand-in-hand with nature—together with wild animals, alpine plants, mountains and lakes. Shiga Kogen is certified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
Take a walk along Shiga Kogen's many courses and discover old-growth forests of natural beech trees and expansive wetlands.

Explore beautiful lakes

In this course, you will discover various lakes and expansive wetlands formed by volcanic eruptions many millions of years ago. Marshland flowers burst into bloom in the green season around Shijuhachiike Marsh. Visit the most iconic lake in Shiga Kogen, Onumaike Pond, characterised by the emerald green waters and red torii gate reflected in its waters. In addition, this lake features a festival informed by the legend of Kurohime, the princess and the dragon.

Suzurikawa (Hotaru Onsen) Bus Stop – Shibuike Pond – Onumaike Pond – Onumaike Iriguchi (Shimizuguchi)

Approx. 3.5 hours

Mt. Shigayama

The mountaintop boasts views of the distant mountain range and expansive lakes stretching out below, such as Shijuhachiike Marsh and Onumaike Pond.

Suzurikawa (Hotaru Onsen) Bus Stop – Maeyama Marsh – Shibuike Pond – Mt. Shigayama – Mt. Urashigayama – Shijuhachiike Marsh – Onumaike Pond – Ikejiri – Onumaike Iriguchi Bus Stop(challenge)

Approx. 5.5 hours