A hiking paradise, widely renowned for its namesake mountain, Mt. Myoko, and its lush green forests and scenic sights.

Myoko is an area of natural wonders: rocky Mt. Myoko, remaining white with snow through the spring; the softer Mt. Hiuchi, known for its flowers; and the onsen hot springs, fed by the volcanic Mt. Myoko and with a history of more than 200 years.
High up on the Alpine meadows and wetlands, flowers bloom throughout the summer.

Mt. Hiuchi

Colorful Alpine flowers bloom throughout July to August on and around Koya-ike pond and nearby Tengu no Niwa wetland, and high into the mountain. Mt. Hiuchi is the northernmost home in Japan of the rare raicho, the rock ptarmigan.

Sasagamine (trailhead) – Kurosawa River – Ju-Ni-Magari (12 turns) – Fujimidaira – Koya Ike Hut – Tengu no Niwa – Raichodaira Mt. Hiuchi summit (challenge)

Approx. 9 hours (round trip from and returning to the trailhead at Sasagamine)

Myokokogen Shizen Hodo (hiking trail/forest therapy road)

This hiking course takes you from Akakura, past Imori Pond in Ikenotaira, through the rice fields and on to Naena Waterfall, one of Japan’s 100 Famous Waterfalls. Provides excellent views of Mt. Myoko and the areas around its base.

Akakura – Ikenotaira – Suginosawa

Approx. 5 hours round trip (can be travelled one way, with return either direction by city bus)