Shrines and Temples

Historical buildings that exude the Japanese spirit

Togakushi Shrine

Togakushi Shrine has a history of more than 2,000 years, which is deeply connected to Shinto mythology. There are five Shinto Shrines in Togakushi's forests along its ancient paths. The highlight is Togakushi's Okusha Shrine, where you can see rows of 400-year-old cedar trees tower over its cobblestone trail.

Kosuge Shrine

Kosuge Shrine is described as one of the most sacred areas for mountain ascetics in northern Nagano, alongside Togakushi Shrine. It is named the ‘Forest of the Gods’ for its solemn dedication to local dieties.

Zenkoji Temple

Zenkoji serves as one of the most representative Buddhist temples in Japan. It is said to hold Japan's oldest Buddhist statues, the Amida Triad, which serves as the temple's principal image, and whose main hall is a designated national treasure. At sunrise, a daily morning ritual and blessing ceremony is held here by the high priest.