A Celebration of Gods and Nature

Iiyama Lantern Festival

Experience Iiyama City in a different light at the annual Lantern Festival, the ‘Japan Night View Heritage’, with over 10,000 lanterns of various sizes illuminating the streets at dusk. Traditional crafts such as locally produced Uchiyama Paper is used for the lanterns.

Shiga Kogen Daija Festival

A festival informed by the legend of a large dragon, believed to reside at Onumaike Pond in Shiga Kogen, and local princess, Kurohime. The biggest highlight is the ceremony that boasts the dragon across Onumaike Pond.

Nagano Binzuru

Enjoy the Binzuru Festival, along with crowds of people who dance through the main street while clapping their Shamoji (wooden rice spoons) to commemorate Binzuru, a statue that stands in Zenkoji Temple.

Hakuba Valley’s Summer Festival

A wide variety of summer festivals are held in Hakuba Valley, including Japanese instrumental performances, hot air balloon experiences, and 30-minute or longer large firework displays. There are also many other local festivals that you can enjoy at a small local scale.