More Activities

Enjoy outdoor activities throughout Nagano.
Its expansive lakes, running rivers, blue skies,and mountains are your playground.


Despite being a landlocked prefecture, Nagano has an abundance of water. Lakes and rivers fed by mountain streams and springs are the perfect place to enjoy water sports.


Explore the majestic nature of Shinshu. Jump into the Himekawa River and swim across the stunning waterways renowned for their serene, gentle flow. Find beauty and grace in the waters interspersed with quiet forest views, and simply delight in a light dip in nature.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Standing up on a board, you can enjoy ‘walking’ across the water. The rich variety of pristine lakes and expansive streams at Lake Nojiri and Lake Aoki in particular give an impression of spaciousness and unspoiled nature.


You will have the opportunity to canoe down Chikuma River while gazing outwards onto the picture-perfect vistas of mountain terrains reflected in its waters. Here a rich variety of animals and plants inhabit the river basin, in addition to migratory birds.


The best way to see the Northern Alps and Hakuba is from the sky. Enjoy magnificent views stretching out below as you fly through the air.

Observation Decks

Enjoy terrific views of Hakuba Village from Usagidaira Terrace. Immerse yourself in the Japanese Northern Alps from HAKUBA MOUNTAIN HARBOR. Gaze upon a vast sea of clouds from SORA terrace. These are all spectacular vantage points at an average elevation of 1,000 meters.


A spectacular paragliding experience across the Hakuba mountain range. Soar high above the Japanese Northern Alps and enjoy the passing scenery at an average altitude of 650meters, complete with the opportunity to take various photographs while flying.

Hot Air Balloon

A wonderful and easy way to enjoy Nagano's mountain scenery. In this program, you can delight in 360-degree picture-perfect vistas of the Japanese Northern Alps and nearby highlands from the basket of a floating hot air balloon.

Zip Line

A popular activity for tourists. At the zip line in Hakuba you can have a thrilling adventure as you speed down an inclined cable through the forest. Enjoy a view of the forest while flying like a bird.

Night Gondola

The night gondola ride up Hakuba Goryu and Hakuba Happo-one is a spectacular vantage point from which to enjoy the beautiful Milky Way and clear stars of Hakuba Village.