Rental Bicycles

Casual Cycling

With expansive trails, lush green highlands, and serene villages rich in history, Nagano's cycling roads attract many cycling enthusiasts from abroad every year.

Hakuba Komichi

Five courses of 10 kilometers connect you to the beautiful places of Hakuba. Indulge in fragrant flowers, seasonal rice fields, hot springs, rare alpine plants, and town life from JR Hakuba Station. Take a course to the the ski jump used during the Nagano Winter Olympics, or one adorned with terrific views of scenic forests and highland rivers from the paved walkways and bridges.

Cycling in Historical Matsushiro

South of the city center, the Matsushiro area is home to many historical sites that evoke a sense of cultural history. Explore the city squares on a rental bicycle. You will be transported back in time as you visit historic sites like the ruins of Matsushiro Castle and cycle through the countryside areas of satoyama steeped in traditional lifestyles and culture. Please note that electric bicycle rentals are also available depending on the service provider.

Shin’etsu Shizenkyo Nature Park

Shin’etsu Shizenkyo is comprised of nine cities, towns, and villages aruond Iiyama station. Here is one of the most popular areas for cyclists in Japan.
There are about 20 courses characterized by abundant rivers and nostalgic mountain ranges; a course imbued with seasonal flowers and cultural heritage.
Many cycle stations are established as rest areas to ensure you cycle safely and comfortably.